Hi, we will attend RubyChinaConf 2013 this year. ( 5 of our developers will fly to Beijing)

Also, our dev lead "xdite" will also give a speech about how to avoid write maintainable rails view

Talk proposal:

Maintainable Rails View

寫出容易維護的純 Ruby / Rails code 門檻並不高。但開發網站過程中,最令人頭疼的是,當程式碼牽扯到 UI 層面,許多事情就亂了套。這個 talk 會分享許多實務上如何設計維護性高的 View 的最佳實踐。Helper, Partial, Cells, Decorate Object, View Object, Form , Policy Object, 这个主题将向你一一讲解。