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Software developer, Designer, Front-end developer wanted

We are self funded and profitable team, love adapting cutting-edge technogies to build kickass apps.

We have won global hack awards in 2012.

If you want to join us, welcome to apply.

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Our product Win the 2012 Grand Prize of Facebook World Hack

Hi, everyone. I am happy to announce the new service I recently built at 2012 Facebook World Hack Taipei : 「」. Not only won the “Best Overall” prize in Taipei. We also win the Grand Prize of World Hack .

News here: World HACK Recap and Winners


We're pleased to announce the Grand Prize winners, whose projects stood out from the many high quality apps. These teams have won a trip to Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park, where they will meet with members of the Facebook engineering team:

The team, from Taipei. indexes and sorts the things you've liked on Facebook and across the web, so you can easily browse your likes by category or by the date you liked them.

The Chained Story team, from Buenos Aires. Chained Story is a web version of a storytelling game in which players take turns adding a sentence or paragraph to a story. The completed story can be published to a user's timeline.

The BoostMate team, from Moscow. BoostMate analyzes your social graph and the connections you have with all your friends, producing a ranking of who you're closest to, who you interact with least, and whether those interactions were positive. : Best Overall hack of 2012 Facebook World Hack Taipei

Hi, everyone. We want to introduce the new service I recently built at 2012 Facebook World Hack Taipei : 「」. It is also the "Best Overall" service in Facebook World Hack Taipei.

What is tracks and collects webpages you liked via Facebook, and organizes them for you. You can browse or search through the liked pages quickly in

idea from …

The idea was from a small thing: I always forget what url I ever liked on Facebook. It was really annoying. So finally I decide to build a service to help me to collect and organize this url links.


  • automatic tracking and backup
  • organized by various types, provides url info and snapshots.
  • can reshare to google plus+, twitter,…etc
  • searchable!!

demo video

video creditd by htchien